POLIFAN CO-FREEZE SG INOX: Powerful specialist tool for working with stainless steel

The CO-FREEZE SG INOX is a POLIFAN flap disc with ultra-cool grinding and has been specifically developed for use with stainless steel and nickel-based alloys (e.g. Inconel and Hastelloy). Its particular strengths are surface grinding and working on weld seams, and it more than stacks up against the well-known PFERD product, the POLIFAN CO FREEZE SGP STRONG INOX.

Optimum results with high economic efficiency

Due to the ceramic oxide grain CO with active grinding, cooling special coating (FREEZE), heat build-up in the workpiece is significantly reduced. There is no heat discolouration, thanks to the low thermal load. This means reworking is no longer required and thereby helps the POLIFAN CO-FREEZE SG INOX deliver significant added value.

The ceramic oxide grain itself has an aggressive stock removal rate and therefore produces fast work progress. Thanks to its ultra-cool grinding, the chips that are produced are not glowing and flying sparks are reduced to a minimum. As a result, the workpiece itself, as well as surrounding stainless steel components, are not affected.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Low heat build-up thanks to FREEZE coating.
  • Fast work progress and high economic efficiency.
  • Maximum aggressiveness over the entire tool life.
  • Fewer tool changes due to the outstanding tool life.
  • Flying sparks reduced to a minimum.

Do not mistake the following

The flaps on the POLIFAN CO-FREEZE SG INOX will already begin to exhibit an unusual wear pattern after a short time during the first use. A shiny cooling film formed by the highly effective fillers becomes visible. This cooling film provides the basis for ultra-cool grinding but which, in combination with the reduction in flying sparks, must not be mistaken for tool vitrification.

Further technical information about the CO-FREEZE SG INOX can be found here.

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