New from Heller: Carbide tipped circular saw blades

Dinklage. Heller’s new “Speed Blades” circular saw blades combine robustness with precision, they are compatible with all common machines from all manufacturers and can be used for a wide range of wood-based materials. Thanks to these advantages, Heller can offer excellent solutions for the ever increasing requirements and quality demands placed on circular saw blades on the construction site.

The Heller “Speed Blades” have carbide-tipped teeth, which are extremely durable and enable safe and fast working. The precision grinding ensures clean rip and cross-cutting. In addition, the highly automated production process ensures a very high level of quality and meets the high expectations that the professional user associates with a quality tool that is “Made in Germany”.

The product range covers typical construction applications for (battery-powered) hand circular saws, table saws, as well as cross-cut and mitre saws in the most common diameter variants. The Heller range also includes special construction saw blades for table saws, which are also suitable for wood with nail or concrete residues.

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