ETR 350 P

The powerful cutting system


  • Cutting of mineral materials, f. e. concrete, brick and natural stone
  • Breakthroughs into brickwork
  • Wall cuttings for installations
  • Slitting of expansion joints
  • Civil engineering, drilling and sawing operators, garden and landscaping trade


  • Special oil bath gearbox with optimal adjusted speed for fast working
  • Best results in system with the EE premium diamond cutting disc
  • Immersion function
  • Adjustable cutting depth limitation without any tools f.e. for the cutting of screed (accessory)
  • Adapter for working near to the edge (accessory)
  • Exact wall cuttings by using a guide rail - easy mounting,easy feed, low vibration
  • Wide supporting rolls - exact guiding
  • Spindle lock - easy tool change
  • Robust metal suction hood
  • Handle and hood adjustable - ergonomic handling indifferent working positions
  • Nozzle diameter Ø 35 mm - direct connection to the DSS industrial vacuum cleaner series
  • Electronic - soft start, temperature control and over current cut-off
  • Cut-off carbon brushes - protection of the motor


Power input 2,700 W
Rated voltage 230 V
Rated speed 2,200 rpm
Spindle connection 25.4 mm
Weight 12.5 kg
max. Scheibendurchmesser 350 mm
max. Schnitttiefe 130 mm

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