Material:  Aluminium
Measuring tolerance standard position: 0.30 mm/m (0.017°)
Measuring tolerance inverted measurement: 0.50 mm/m (0.029°)
Magnet: Ferrite pole shoe


Model Length
ENWM 60 60 cm


  • Measuring tolerance Solatronic module:
    0.05° at 0° and 90°
    0.1° between 1° and 89°
  • Adjustable inclination display in °, % and mm/m
  • “Hold” function for storing measured values and for transferring angles
  • Switchable audible signal guidance in difficult visible conditions
  • Comfortable reading through a reversible display for inverted measurements
  • Robust ferrite pole-shoe magnets for a secure grip


  • Horizontal measurement
  • Vertical measurement
  • Angle/inclination measurement


Item description Electronic inclination spirit level
Dimension 59 x 27
Material Aluminium
Surface anodized
Colour silver
Profile weight 890 g/m
Measuring tolerance standard position 0.50 mm/m (0.029°)
Measuring tolerance inverted measurement 0.50 mm/m (0.029°)
Number of horizontal vials 1
Number of vertical vials 1
Special characteristic Solatronic module
Measuring surface anodized
Magnet Ferrite pole shoe
End caps 1-c + 2-c
Magnet Yes

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