EMF 125

Handy and lightweight - perfect for electrical installations


  • Milling of slots and ducts in sand-lime brick & brickwork
  • Electrical installations


  • Electronic - soft start, temperature control, constant speed
  • Locking for suction hose - avoids unintentional loosening of the hose during milling
  • Adjustable milling depth - without the need for a tool
  • Spindle lock - easy blade change
  • Slim design, small distance between dust hood and diamond blades for working up to 10 mm from the edge
  • Slot width of 7-30 mm adjustable in 1 mm increments
  • Closed hood - optimal air flow, easy removal of fragments
  • Machine works in cutting direction - allows a comfortable handling
  • Nozzle diameter Ø 35 mm - connection to the DSS industrial vacuum cleaner series


Power input 3,000 W
stroke 620 mm
Rated voltage 230 V
Rated speed 230/500/1,030 rpm
Spindle connection 1 1/4″ male
Weight 35 kg
Drilling diameter 41-352 mm
Säulenlänge 995 mm
Max. Neigungsgrad 45°

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