EHR 750 B

The cordless freedom when mixing outdoor


  • Mains and current-independent mixing of building material with medium and high viscosity, e.g. glue, ready-mixed mortar and plaster, screed
  • Saves the use of generators at places without electricity
  • Substantially more powerful than battery mixers at longer mixing times
  • Gardening and landscaping, road construction, railway, municipal enterprises, civil engineering in general


  • 4-stroke petrol-powered engine
  • Quick start, electronic ignition
  • In comparison to 2-stroke engines smooth running, environmentally-friendly, lower emissions and lower fuel consumption


Rated speed 0 – 450 rpm
Spindle connection M 14 female
Weight 8.9 kg
max. Rührkorbdurchmesser 140 mm
motor/cylinder capacity 4-stroke petrol engine/ 31cm³
max. motor power 0.75 kW / 1.0 hp

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