EDS 125

The handy diamond saws


  • Wet and dry cutting of different stones, e.g. natural stone, stoneware
  • Cutting of tiles and plates
  • Joint milling
  • Curved cuts (with corresponding diamond blades)
  • Tilers and pavers Features


  • Mitre adjustment (stepless up to 45°) and cutting depth adjustment (stepless up to 36 mm) without the need for tools
  • Immersion function
  • Roller guided plate - smooth guiding, protects the surface
  • Integrated water supply with flow regulator - easy adjustment of the water-volume and dust free working while wet cutting
  • Cutting tables ETT 700 / ETT 1200 – Accessories for precise cutting of tiles and plates – the flexible alternative to unhandy cutting machines
  • Guide rail - optional accessory for precise cuts
  • Nozzle diameter Ø 35 mm - connection to industrial vacuum cleaner of the DSS series


Power input 1,250 W
Rated voltage 230 V
No-load speed 12,000 rpm
Spindle connection Ø 22,2 mm
Weight 2.9 kg
Max. Neigungsgrad 45°
max. Scheibendurchmesser 125 mm
max. Schnitttiefe 36 mm

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