Eccentric sander ETS EC 150/3 EQ

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 Eccentric sander ETS EC 150/3


Eccentric sander ETS EC 150/3 EQ

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Eccentric sander ETS EC 150/3 EQ-Plus

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Eccentric sander ETS EC 150/3 EQ-GQ

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The perfect finishing sander in the compact class.

Perfectly built for manual operation. For reduced fatigue when carrying out overhead sanding work and a good feeling on edges, as well as convenient operation in any position. The ETS EC 150. At just 116 mm high and with a brushless EC-TEC motor and ergonomic housing geometry with perfectly balanced centre of gravity. And with additional innovative details such as automatic dust control, integrated sanding pad brake and the unique Vibration Control System for added health benefits.

  • Longlife thanks to EC technology and sanding pad brake with carbide tip
  • Compact design and weighing only 1.2 kg for optimal ergonomic work conditions
  • Stepless speed preselection, constant speed even under load
  • Optimal work protection thanks to vibration and extraction detection
  • Very high surface quality thanks to 3 mm sanding stroke
  • for fine sanding

Product highlights

Achieve ideal results more quickly:

The ideal one-handed sander for fine and extra-fine sanding – thanks to powerful, brushless EC-TEC motor and compact design.

Convenient and safe:

Healthy working thanks to automatic extractor hose detection and active vibration protection.

Systems get it done:

Tailored accessories – e.g. suction hose with protective sleeve and plug-it cable, sanding pad with three degrees of hardness, interface pad and abrasive.

Product details

Main applications

  • Pre-sanding for polishing

  • Final sanding of fillers

  • Fine sanding of mineral materials

Performance features

ETS EC 125-3-EQ-performance

Technical data

Noise and vibration values


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