High-speed drill for professional results in concrete and reinforcements.


The most successful Heller hammer drill bit of all time! The Bionic Pro SDS-plus dual cutter is extremely robust and very powerful. The patented carbide drill tip guarantees a long service life and, in combination with the optimized carbide cutting edge, ensures especially fast drilling. Another advantage is the Twinmax 3D helix, which very effectively transports drilling dust away, and thus minimizes the risk of dust ‘blow back’.

  • Dual-cutter for concrete and reinforcement steel
  • Extremely robust with long service liles thanks to the patented drill head
  • With recessed carbide tip for extreme resilience in reinforcement steel and powerful drilling progress
  • Best drilling process thanks to the optimised carbide cutting edge
  • Twinmax 3D helix for highly effective drilling dust transport and minimal dust inflagration even in deep holes
  • Low vibration reduces the load on the user
  • Particularly easy positioning and avoids spalling even after drilling many holes thanks to double centring tip

Hammer drilling in concrete, sand-lime brick, natural stone, brickwork, clinker.
The special technique of hardening by blasting makes for the perfect surface finish: the probability that a Heller hammer bit will break under very high loads is extremely low – even on impact with reinforcements. Ideal, especially with long dimensions: HST hardening guarantees high bending flexibility without breaking.
Made in Germany Text
All drill bits by Heller have the independent PGM certificate, assuring safe connection systems.
Patented spiral forms guarantee – for example, by means of an alternatively narrow and wide back edge – optimum removal of dust without any blow-outs. Extremely high speed with ideal transmission of impact energy thanks to computer-aided design. In addition, Heller hammer drill bits are outstanding for quiet, low-vibration operation.


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